Helen Haughey Designs creates custom couture clothing for clients of discerning taste, using exquisite fabrics sourced from Europe. 

Based in Orlando Florida, Helen continues a family tradition of expert seamstress work.  Her skills have been further refined by couture training.


Join me at A Whole New World in Vancouver. 

On Sunday October 23 I will be participating in the Vendor Market 12 noon to 6p. This is open to the public! I will have fabric samples from which you can order and have shipped direct to your home or business. Many of these will be at cost! Mention this post for $10 shipping! 



Helen resides in Orlando, Florida but her clientèle is spread throughout the Globe. She began her sewing career at a very young age in New Zealand and initially sewed for herself and her family. As Helen recognized the opportunity to assist women within the community to find a truer, better fit, she expanded her business to clients at large.

Helen has a broad repertoire including:

  • Bridal including bridesmaid & mother
  • Gala including débutante
  • Tailored Day Wear
  • Couture Techniques

Helen is a proud member of:

  • Association of Sewing & Design Professionals
  • Haute Couture Society Of Chicago

Helen has been featured in these articles:

How to Sew a Classic Sheath Dress

House of Haughey in St Louis Magazine



Get designer-quality dresses without the boutique price tag! Learn fine dressmaking techniques for seam finishes, zippers, linings, custom details and more.


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Save 50% by clicking the image!

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