Helen Haughey Designs creates custom couture clothing for clients of discerning taste, using exquisite fabrics sourced from Europe. 

Based in Orlando Florida, Helen continues a family tradition of expert seamstress work.  Her skills have been further refined by couture training.



Helen resides in Orlando, Florida but her clientèle is spread throughout the Globe. She began her sewing career at a very young age in New Zealand and initially sewed for herself and her family. As Helen recognized the opportunity to assist women within the community to find a truer, better fit, she expanded her business to clients at large.

Helen has a broad repertoire including:

  • Bridal including bridesmaid & mother
  • Gala including débutante
  • Tailored Day Wear
  • Couture Techniques

Helen is a proud member of:

  • Association of Sewing & Design Professionals
  • Haute Couture Society Of Chicago
  • American Sewing Guild

Helen has been featured in these articles:

How to Sew a Classic Sheath Dress

House of Haughey in St Louis Magazine

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I will be teaching an all-day workshop: 

Sew A Better Dress 

Thursday July 27, 2017, 8am-4pm

If you have ever wished you could improve your dress-making skills, then this is the class for you! We will begin by discussing what style to choose for your body type; then determine what fabrics will give your desired result; and finally, the construction and pressing techniques needed. Then we will make samples of all the techniques that Helen considers are essential for a professional finish to your garment. 


I will be teaching a 2-day master class on Monday October 23rd and Tuesday October 24th. I will also be participating in the Vendor Market on Thursday October 19.  More details to follow.

Rhonda Buss & Helen Haughey team up.....

To offer a relaxing sewing retreat in the Rocky Mountains.  This opportunity is available to just 10 participants

Dates:  Postponed!  TBD

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